Get new customers for your business with a unique State-Of-The-Art solution by:

  • Converting Non-Buyers to Buyers
  • Targeting new customers in your local area
  • Retargeting potential customers who are not buying

Build strong relation with customers, and let them be engaged with your brand by:

  • Understanding the buying behaviour and target them on special occasions
  • Personalizing their experience by wishing them in their birthday and Anniversary
  • Facilitate them with platform to share experiences and feedbacks.

Since COVID19 has been a deal breaker, go beyond the limitation of old traditional sales by:

  • Connecting your customers with digital modes for sales
  • Providing them ease on online payments/Mobile payments
  • Manage transactions, confirmations of sales without physical contact

Be updated and Catch the latest in tech solutions like WhatsApp communication by:

  • Providing solutions purchases on WhatsApp for the ease of the customer
  • Focus on ease of use for the customer
  • Communicate updates of ecommerce orders on WhatsApp



Customer Management

Attracting new prospects and converting it into a sales doesn’t have to be complicated.

Capture sophisticated customer information of all the online and offline customers at one place.

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Customer Engagement

Customer engagement improves customer loyalty (and ultimately sales). Engaged customers spend much more time and money with your brand than they do when disengaged.

Engagement creates natural evangelists. Customer engagement provides real and lasting return for your organization

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Omni Channel Marketing

Leverage the power of digital all the channels possible starting from SMS to Social or WhatsApp.

Reach out to them with appropriate die of communication they prefer and talk to your brand.

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Leverage Exclusífe's seamless data network of more than 9 crore consumers.

Target your local audience as per pin code, city, area, gender etc. and covert new leads for your business

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  • Data Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Segmentation And Targeting
  • Analytics And Reporting
  • SaaS Based Model
  • Bring back lost customers
  • Covert non-buyers to buyers
  • Instant Alerts
  • WhatsApp Messaging
  • Chatbot integration
  • Feedback management
  • WhatsApp Messaging
  • Local Database Targeting
  • Packages/Bundling
  • Subscription Management
  • Referral Management
  • Loyalty programs

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CATEGORIES: Food, Beauty, Apparel, Jewellery Electronics and a lot more

CITIES: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkatta, Jaipur, Ahamedabad, Chennai and a lot more